V.A. - Monsters of Metal Vol. 5 - DDVD

DVD 1:
01.Deathstars -Cyanide
02.Amorphis-House Of Sleep
03.Katatonia-My Twin
04.Scar Symmetry-The Illusionist
05.Darkthrone-Too Old Too Cold
06.Dimmu Borgir-Sorgens Kammer Del II
07.Immortal-Blashyrkh (Mighty RavenDark)
08.Mastodon-The March Of The Fire Ants
09.In Flames-Take This Life
10.Mendeed-Beneath A Burning Sky
11.Unearth-Zombie Autopilot
12.Destiny-Passing Moments
13.Children Of Bodom-Are You dead yet?
14.As I Lay Dying-Through Struggle
15.Shadows Fall-The Power Of I And I
16.Soilwork-Stabbing The Drama
17.One Man Army & The Undead Q. -So Grim True So Real
18.Lacuna Coil-Our Truth
19.The Duskfall-Shoot It In
20.Dark Tranquility-The New Build
21.Black Dahlia Murder-Contagious
22.Ektomorf-I Know Them
23.God Forbid-To Fallen Hero
24.Heaven Shall Burn-The Weapon They Fear
25.Kataklysm-Crippled & Broken
26.Amon Amarth-Death In Fire
27.Cannibal Corpse-Make Them Suffer
29.Gorefest-For The Masses
30.Disbelief-Rewind It All
31.Six Feet Under-The Day The Dead Walked
32.Legion Of The Damned-Into The Eye Of The Storm

DVD 2:
01.Gotthard-Anytime Anywhere
02.Nightwish-Sleeping Sun (2005)
03.Primal Fear-Seven Seals
05.Udo-Mean Streets (NICHT ALS CLIP ENTHALTEN, DA FSK 18!!!!!!!!!)
06.Doro-Warrior Soul
07.Brainstorm-All Those Words
08.Steel Attack-Diabolic Symphony
09.Nocturnal Rites-Awakening
10.Mercyful Fate-The Uninvited Guest
11.Armored Saint-Reign Of Fire
12.Fates Warning-Point Of View
13.Devin Townsend-Vampira
14.Evergrey-Monday Morning Apocalypse
15.Rage-No Fear
16.Nevermore-Final Product
17.Exodus-Now Thy Dead Day Come
18.Sacred Reich-Low
19.Cataract-Nothings Left
20.Destruction-The Alliance Of Hellhoundz
21.Tankard-The Beauty And The Beast
24.Theatre Of Tragedy-Storm
25.Madder Mortem-My Name Is Silence
26.Burst-Where The Wave Broke
27.Naglfar-The Perpetual Horrors
28.Dragonlord-Until The End (NICHT ALS CLIP ENTHALTEN, DA FSK 18!!!!!!!!!)
29.Impaled Nazarene-Armageddon Death Squad
31.Clawfinger-Dirty Lies
32.Die Apokalyptischen Reiter-Friede Sei Mit Dir
33.Knorkator-Wir Werden
34.In Extremo-Liam
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Die Monster-Tracklist liest sich wie das -Who-is-who- des Heavy Metal: Und 66 harte Clips auf zwei vollgepackten Silberlingen lassen keine weiteren Fragen mehr offen...
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