V.A. - All for Metal - CDDVD

01.U.D.O. – The Wrong Side Of Midnight
02.Destruction – The Alliance Of Hellhoundz
03.Masterplan – Lost And Gone
04.The Poodles – Seven Seas
05.Elvenking – The Divided Heart
06.Magica - All The Waters ...
07.Absolute – Sebastian
08.Doro - Warrior Soul
09.Kotipelto – Sleep Well
10.Evidence One – The Sky Is The Limit
11.Shakra – Chains Of Temptation
12.Lion’s Share – The Edge Of The Razor
13.Heavenly – Spill Blood On Fire
14.Nostradameus – Not Only Woman Bleed
15.Tankard: The Beauty And The Beast
16.Jorn: Living With Wolves
17.Edguy – All The Clowns
18.Debauchery – Lords Of Battle
19.Eisbrecher – Vergissmeinnicht
20.Theatre Of Tragedy – Storm
21.Perzonal War - For The Last Time
22.The Traceelords – My Evil Girlfriend
23.Annihilator – All For You
24.Tarantula – Face The Mirror

Bonus Live – Clips:
01.Krokus – Hellraiser (Live)
02.Circle II Circle – Revelations (Live)
03.Silent Force – Infatuator (Live)
04.Ross The Boss – Kill With Power (Live)
05.Dioysus – Time Will Tell (Live)
06.Shamaan – Fairy Tale (Live)

01.Made Of Hate – Bullet In Your Head
02.X-World/5 – Cyber Christ
03.Axxis – Doom Of Destiny (Arabia)
04.Paradox – Infected
05.Jon Olivas Pain - Through The Eyes Of ...
06.Eden’s Curse – Fly Away
07.At Vance – Cold As Ice
08.Rob Rock – Garden Of Chaos
09.Crystal Ball – Minor Key
10.Helstar – The King Is Dead
11.Headhunter – Parody Of Life
12.Mekong Delta – Purification
13.President Evil – Hell In A Box
14.Almah – Children Of Lies
15.Beautiful Sin – Lost
16.Dezperadoz – Rawhide
17.Michelle Darkness – My Sweet
18.Black Messiah – Moskau
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30 Clips plus 18 Audiotracks zum einmaligen Kampfpreis! U.a. mit U.D.O., DORO, MASTERPLAN, TANKARD, DESTRUCTION, EDGUY, DEBAUCHERY, ...
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