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Pillorian was formed in early Summer of 2016 by Stephen Parker (Maestus, ex-Arkhum), John Haughm (ex-Agalloch), and Trevor Matthews (Uada, ex-Infernus) with the goal to create a unique, sinister, and twisted style of dark/black metal.

Fusing haunting melodies with avantgarde structures, dark folk elements and blackened walls of furious sound; the music of Pillorian is the perfect aural definition of its namesake. 'Obsidian Arc' was recorded at Witch Ape/Skyway Audio and Sprout City Studios by Tad Doyle and Stephen Parker. Mixed and mastered at Klangschmiede Studio E by Markus Stock.

Release: 10.03.2017
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2-3 Tage
01. By the Light of a Black Sun
02. Archaen Divinity
03. The Vestige of Thorns
04. Forged Iron Crucible
05. A Stygian Pyre
06. The Sentient Arcanum
07. Dark is the River of Man
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Band/Künstler PILLORIAN
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