ABSU - Tara/ In the eyes of... - DIGI

Phase One: Ioldanach's Pedagogy
01. Tara
02. Pillars of Mercy
03. A Shield with an Iron Face
04. Manannan
05. The Cognate House of Courtly Witches Lies
West of County Meath
06. She Cries the Quiet Lake
07. Yrp Lluyddawc

Phase Two: The Cythraul Klan's Scrutiny
08. From Ancient Times (Starless Skies Burn to Ash)
09. Four Crossed Wands (Spell 181)
10. Vorago (Spell 182)
11. Bron (of the Waves)
12. Stone of Destiny (...for Magh Slecht and Ard Righ)
13. Tara (Recapitulation)

In The Eyes Of Iodanach
14. V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
15. Hallstatt
16. Manannan
17. Never Blow Out The Eastern Candle
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